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Hi, my name is Kevin J. Shannon. I am an IT Application Analyst (computer application designer/developer) for a large company in the Des Moines, IA area. I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa until May 2011. My hometown is Ankeny, Iowa.

I majored in Computer Science with minors in Spanish and Bioinformatics. I have taken many courses in my major including Computer Science 1-3, Discrete Structures, Computer Organization, and Software Engineering. More advanced courses include Database Structures, Real Time Embedded Systems, Project Management, Software Testing, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Paradigms, Artificial Intelligence, and Combinatorics. I am familiar or fluent in Ada, Java, VB, and I am confident I can pick up other languages if needed.

Currently, I am working on a Java desktop appication using Swing, Spring, Derby, Hibernate, Jexl, XStream, Lucene, and a custom framework which enables us to use the Java JPanels like web pages. This custom framework allows us to associate a panel on the screen with an entity in our domain model. We have also created a context-like structure for passing information around inside the application. We use Rational Application Developer (Eclipse) and Netbeans for development. We are also using Subversion and a continuous integration server (Jenkins).

I enjoy getting out to see all of the Downtown Des Moines events and I am a frequent volunteer. I have helped out at events like the Des Moines Arts Festival, 80/35, Dam to Dam, Hy-Vee Triathalon, and the Des Moines Marathon. I am also a regular volunteer at the Science Center of Iowa (or will be by the time you read this). At UNI, I was the Speaker of the Senate for the student government, a member of many student organizations, and a former resident assistant. I also served on the Board of Directors for the Lutheran Student Center and was the Executive Secretary for Iowa High School Model United Nations program at UNI.

In addition, I serve as a notary public for the State of Iowa. My commission number is 753346 and my commission expires 19 June 2014.