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NISG Election 2011

Here are the audio recordings from last night's show, Sunday Night Delight, with host Michael Dippold and guest co-host John Anderson, Executive Editor of the Northern Iowan.

Right click on the links below and "Save target as..." Then upload to your MP3 player or listen on your computer.

Spencer and Ian 27MB       Rhonda and Adam 40MB       Dakotah and Zach 43MB

Click here to learn more about voting [www.uni.edu/nisg/]. Click here to find out what's on the ballot [www.uni.edu/nisg/blog/]. And don't forget to go to this site to learn about all of the excellent write-in candidates [www.nisgelections.com/p/senate-elections.html].

Find more election info at NISGElections.com and www.uni.edu/NISG.