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Welcome to Kevin Shannon's personal home page. Kevin hopes you can find the information you are looking for. If you can't find something, please contact him.

Kevin is a recent graduate from the Computer Science program at the University of Northern Iowa. He minored in spanish and bioinformatics. Kevin graduated with University Honors after writing a thesis titled: Implementing a Natural Language to Structured Query Language Transator. A copy of the thesis and source can be found by clicking the Honors Thesis link on the left hand side. He is currently working in Downtown Des Moines with an insurance and financial services company. Kevin is excited he will be able to utilize his communication, problem solving, and programming skills. In addition to his academic credientials, Kevin is a past Speaker of the Northern Iowa Student Government Senate, an amateur radio operator (KD0KDT), a past resident assistant in Rider Hall. Kevin enjoys watching movies and eating good food with his friends.

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**Note: Because Kevin's life is not complete, neither is his website. Some of the pages on this site are still in production.**

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